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A mini bit about me


My name is Minnie Kahn. Thank you for coming to see my website!
I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself, my teaching methods, and other services I can musically provide in addition to teaching.

Minnie Kahn - About


Music makes us feel better when we're sick, sad, unhappy, worried, upset, and also when we're happy.  Music also helps us to...

celebrate, meditate, deliberate, think, figure out, plan, unwind, solve, sleep, wait, de-stress, forgive, worship, think, study, laugh, love & be happy.

Piano and music in general enriches our lives in every way.  I could not live a day without music or my piano! I LOVE teaching!  I am passionate about teaching!  Teaching to me is an honor, a privilege and a sacred trust that I take very seriously.

I strive to make every musical experience my students have with me a very positive, successful one - there is no room for negativity in my teaching, and I'm hoping they will share their piano playing with their friends and family and let their talents shine forth.

It is my goal that each student will LOVE LOVE LOVE their piano accomplishments and enjoy piano and music in general for their entire lives.  I hope music and piano will be with them forever!


I'm especially serious about teaching proper notes, fingering & rythm.  Those are the three basic elements of fine piano performance and knowledge and I strive to impart that to each student in a patient, positive way.  Scales, finger exercises, methods, theory, classical solos and "fun" solos are basic lesson plans I have for every student.


Why do I give piano recitals? It would certainly be easier for me to not give them, so why do I?

A long time ago, when I first started teaching, one of my mothers said to me that she really wanted her sons to be able to play for their grandmother and other family when they came to visit, and to not be so nervous and afraid.  Well, I really sympathized with her.  For on a personal note, as a child I was so bashful and nervous that even though I could play pretty well, I was a wreck when it came to performing! So, back then I made it one of my goals to prepare every student of mine to know how to perform.  I wanted to teach them to feel capable and good about the experience ~ not for performing to be a traumatic experience as it was for me as a child.  So, as my students and parents are aware, I teach all aspects of preparing and performing in a recital and it has been very successful.

Also, when I attended the University of Cincinnati's Conservatory of Music, we were required to attend and perform in recitals.  I have such fond memories of those days.  The concert hall was in the big old Shillito Estate and beside it was the Shillito Mansion that had a huge parlor room where after each recital the artists and audience would gather to have punch and cookies and talk about the performances ~ about how good they were!!!

So that has been an underlying philosophy of mine to have a well rounded, professional approach to teaching and playing, and filling my students with many, many, many fun, happy, positive experiences & memories that hopefully will last a lifetime as mine have.

Minnie is so patient and encouraging.  We were so happy to find a great piano teacher for our daughter!

Andy Moore
Parent of student

Mrs. Kahn helps me when I can't figure out the chords.  She is really fun.

Bobby Seitz

The recitals are my favorite!  Mrs. Kahn works really hard to prepare the students and always makes recitals a memorable experience for all!

Lori Abroms
Parent of student